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PT Mastratech Indonesia represents world-renowned brands and imports high and premium quality products. We are exclusive agents/distributors and systems integrators for an extensive range of products and systems:

  • Auto-Lub® Lubrication (MLS) Systems & Material Dispensing Equipment : Bijur (France/Ireland) / Delimon (Germany) / Farval (USA)/ LubeSite (USA) / Easylub (USA)
  • E-ROP® Fire Suppression (MSS)   System : Amerex (USA)
  • Fast-Fuel® Fuelling (MFS) Systems : Wiggins (USA)
  • Mastra® Warning Light (MWL) : Whelen (USA)
  • Mastra® Fluid Cleanliness Filtration (MFC) - Filter Element, Skid, Analyzer, Treatment
  • Texan® & ValSeal® - Specialty Grease and Lubricants : Texan® (USA NLGI member)/ ValSeal®
  • Mass Notification Warning (MNW) : Whelen (USA) / Woodway (UK)
  • Explosion Proof and Industrial Lighting
  • Engineering and Technical Services