Material Dispensing Equipment


 Materials contamination and incorrect flow rates are major causes of premature parts failures and production inefficiency. These challenges can be met by the use of precision controlled material dispensing equipment and accessories.
For general lubrication solutions, we offer a complete line of manual, air, electric and hydraulic actuated pumps, hose reels, grease guns, oil flow meters, metering control valves and accessories for maintenance areas or production equipment to meet your needs.

Industrial Lubrication Pumps

Heavy duty manual actuated pumps for oil and grease. Optional portable carts available.  
 Quality air and hydraulic actuated pumps for high-volume delivery of oil and grease for transfer and distribution systems, central supply systems and reel installations.

Hose Reels


Full range of heavy duty industrial grade hose, cord and cable reels and accessories - manual, spring or electric/air motor driven models for reliable delivery of air, water, oil, grease, hydraulic, fuel, oxy acetylene, vacuum, welding cable applications. Controlled retraction coil models available for maximum safety. Stainless steel and aluminium hose reels are also available.

 Grease Guns

grease-gungrease-gun2Heavy duty hand operated pistol grip grease guns with cast iron pump head. All models accept standard 14oz grease cartridges and can be bulkfilled by suction. Battery powered grease guns are available. Grease guns are cordless and free cumbersome cords or air hoses.


Oil Flow Meters

oil-flow-meterIndividually calibrated and adjustable without graphs and viscosity curves, oil flow meters regulate and monitor oil flow to bearings and gears. 


 Metering Control Valves

State-of-the-art electronic oval gear meters for accurate dispensing of lubricants up to SAE 140. Use standard AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries.